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Elite Tutorial College

Elite Tutorial College was founded in 2020 with the mindset and aim to provide a better learning environment, better teaching which is reflected in their results. We believe that a child must be taught How to think not what to think. We believe that children are apt to live off what you believe of them and we truly believe in the potential in every child.

Over the years we have helped over 2,000 families access high-quality, confidence-boosting private tuition for their children.
Our tutors have delivered more than 40,000 hours of tuition each year to families in the UK and over 35 globally. We provide tailor made academic assessments enabling your child to fulfil entry to their desired university. Our revision courses and learning enable your child to concisely apply their learning with a view to entering the best universities.

Our Vision


At the heart of Elite Tutorial College is our strong belief that each child’s education should be tailored for them, beyond any pressures of keeping up with conventions.


What makes Elite Tutorial College genuinely unique among our peers is simply the level of care we take to work with the best tutors and find the right tutor for your child. We’re not the biggest Birmingham based tutoring agency, but we believe you won’t find a surpassed tutor for your child anywhere else.

Flawless Academic Qualifications and Vitally

All our private A level and GCSE tutors have flawless academic qualifications and vitally – a great deal of tutoring knowledge.

Our track record is reflected in our client retention and it is positively a reason we find ourselves working for the same families for years – helping one child through their education from early years to university. Then doing the same for their younger siblings.

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